Are accounts on hold for too long?



A few weeks

Well it depends actually

Let’s say they are bullying … They should a) be suspended or b) be out on hold for a few weeks. But let’s show they are suspended for 3 weeks instead of out on hold, when their suspension is up and they have served their “time” then they should be taken off hold.

But I dunno🤭



Yes I know what it means🤓

I just want to code and spread kindness😊

Kindness will make the world a better place😁


No but none of the things youv posted have anything to do with coding better



I started a coding contest😎

And I’m raising awareness for childhood cancer by making projects🙂

That sounded a bit rude😔

You were basically implying that I am not good at coding and don’t add anything to the community😟


Stop moving my topic into different categories🙃


I’m not in the mood to talk sry


them emojis

actually, as a regular they (sorry if thsts wrong @parttimefemale) are technically obliged to move it into the category that it fits in most


…i completely disagree. I am sorry.

Ihaveexpectations/xse/hnu/Heaieybot1 was suspended for like 5 months then came back, banned twice, and came back

he was only recently completely removed


good luck. have you met us?

sorry everyone. i think it is safe to admit that our forum wont be perfect


you said you wanted the forum to be as perfect as possible, thats why


Yeah but by moving it, it’s removed my access

ik what a regular is supposed to do

I have regular lol


you implied it by saying that you were not new when you have been here for just two days


So in your opinion, that person should be here if we want a perfect community?:face_with_monocle:




I feel as if you are making assumptions Which makes me uncomfortable


no, I am saying that if you cared it would make the forum better bc we could learn from their mistakes


you said you were not new, when two days is considered new

Im just poining out the obvious

Im very paranoid if you couldnt tell


Hahaha im j joking w u


o ok


Wow, I find that very selfish and insensitive. :wink:

You say that you want to help make the forum as perfect as it can be and then you return and say that there’s no reason for you to care about other people. :wink: