Are accounts on hold for too long?

Oh yes, writing a previous Forumer’s name is very distracting, huh? :wink:

Yup, avoiding people who get offended by other people’s names is pretty aggressive. :wink:

Thanks for clarifying that this is a childrens forum. Here I was, thinking it was a children’s forum. Hahaha, oops. :wink:

Yes. Forcing your insensitivities on others isn’t at all bossy :wink:

You’re truly making the Forum a better place by provoking people :wink:

Yes and @Kitty4U said that it was far from perfect which means that there’s no point in trying to make it any level of perfect, not even as perfect as it could be :wink:

So let’s not respond without thinking while reading a comment :wink:

Edit: Thinking is using our brains. I don’t find it inappropriate that I said that at all and was giving some advice, however this post got flagged. I don’t see how the other posts made by Bright_light weren’t flagged and yet mine was.

I also removed the paragraph with the “H-Word” in it because @Kitty4U’s post got flagged for having it there as well. The word means “very” or “extremely”. HOW IS IT WRONG?


are you Ella_13???

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Could we just answer her question and not make any assumptions

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Wow I really took offense to you telling me to use my brain😉

I didn’t know that we had to use perfect grammar onlinebut thank you oh so much for informing me😉

I could be the compete opposite and not respect the rules but I want the forum to be a great place😉

I love to learn more about coding from all the awesome hopscotchers around here😉

Also, she brought up someone elses name who had nothing to do with the current topic😉

This topic is about accounts on hold yet she brought up Ella_13 which is off topic😉

Also, i feel as if you are implying that i am sensitive which is very aggressive :wink:

I just want to code amd you are preventing me from doing that😉

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I felt very uncomfortable throughout this situation:(


I dunno who that is :woman_shrugging::woman_shrugging::woman_shrugging:


What was your main account?

I’m just curious.

Ella13​ was always put on hold :wink: :wink::wink::wink::wink::wink::wink::wink::wink::wink::wink::wink::wink::wink::wink::wink::wink::wink:

So are we singling out one person?

I brought up the hold topic because whenever i created this account, it was put on hold for a couple hrs


I never said I had a main account

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Hours? Mmk. Ella13 was put on hold for a few weeks.

Why you gota be so patronising?

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how long do you think is too long?


Great question. For me - I would wait as long as I have too, but maybe one or a few weeks.
Here is a poll:

  • A few days
  • A few hours
  • A few weeks
  • One week
  • Other (reply below if you want to)

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Honestly, I don’t really have the same philosophy on second chances…let me try to find the post.

This loosely relates to this topic, I think that if someone does something that results in a penalty, it may be harsh, but they brought it upon themselves and should own up to their actions. One can’t erase what they’ve done, but they can always learn from it and overwrite it. I guess this also applies to wanting to start over.
…but that’s just my opinion, It’s not written in stone.


i think more than two months is too long depending on what the penalty is

i.e repeatedly spamming would be two weeks but constantly bullying another user would be about two months


I think if your just spaming it should be like a weak and bullying/stalking another user in a maner simaler to xse should suspend the acount indefanently


Hahaha thanks


Thank you for stating your opinion but idk what your talking about :frowning:
Is it bad that all I want to do is learn to code better?:star_struck:
I feel as if you don’t want me to learn to code🤯


A few weeks

Well it depends actually

Let’s say they are bullying … They should a) be suspended or b) be out on hold for a few weeks. But let’s show they are suspended for 3 weeks instead of out on hold, when their suspension is up and they have served their “time” then they should be taken off hold.

But I dunno🤭