Are accounts on hold for too long?



I feel as if hopscotch forum is leaving certain acocunts on hold for too long. I understand that someone might have done something wrong which is y they r on hold, but doesn’t everyone deserve a 2nd chance

Should accounts on hold be let off after a certain amount of time?



I think xse is fine the way he is


Yes that is what happens and welcome to the forum!


Hi. I see that you are new here. What’s your hopscotch account name?


I have made some accounts that still aren’t off hold…
I agree, after a certain amount of time they should be put off hold. If they make trouble the hopscotch team can put them on hold again.

Also welcome to the forum!


Hi! Welcome to the forum
Yeah, I agree. But I agree with PTF
Yeah, what is your hs account?

Conquistador and Huitzilopochtli

Guys I think they mean Ella13


Oh ok. Idk who that is but whatever


Sometimes, it does take a while for THT to check posts…

Yes, people deserve second chances, but after their second or third chance, they need to wait out the suspension.


I’m not New but thanks


I’m not New but thank u


I never said suspension. I said hold. Two different things


Was that name even mentioned in the paragraph? I might have to flag u for being off topic bc it rly distracts from the main topic and reason for this post


Uh. Alrighty then. I guess I’ll have to avoid you from now on. Whatever I say would make you mad, huh?


That seemed a bit micro aggressive. Let’s refrain from doing that in the future😉
I’m here to improve my coding, socialize w other hopscotches, host my contest and have fun!
I don’t stand for any mean comments or statements


Wow let’s refrain from using certain words that could be perceived as swear words :wink:

This is a childrens forum that we use to learn to code not to use words that some might find inconsiderate


:// um… Are you a leader or something? Because you’re being pretty bossy rn.


Oh no😉

I am not trying To be bossy in any way😉

Just trying to make sure the forum is as perfect as could be😉


Perfect? Hah. This forum is far from perfect.


I said

So let’s not assume without reading then whole comment😉