Archiving hopscotch



have you ever wondered

What Happend back then?

Well then lets go back in time!

While taking a dose of fruit loops and milk, I came up with this!
Here, you can upload old photos of hopscotch! Im making this a wiki, but you can also reply! You can tell details! You can also tell storys!

Version 1.0

Add versions which stuff changed please :stuck_out_tongue:


Can you turn on global edit plz?


Oops I forgot xD

You can also reply but yeh.


Awesome topic! I can't like so here: :heart:






'Change Costume?'

What did that do? We need to bring it back! :stuck_out_tongue:


scratch, its in scratch

Or the.... I dont know how to say it.


This is so coooool! Lol remember the days when it said the number of remixes?


thats amazing


Please bring it back....
you must





I was on during version 1.0


when was that? Are you still amiibotrash


A loooong time ago.
I am still Amiibotrash. But back then I was more-so LPStrash.


Cool topic @MrHotdog64! Sadly I don't have any screenshots of old Hopscotch versions to add


what about the current version?


I actually could code like that!


You can code on the current one too :stuck_out_tongue:


I like that one better LOL


Same though like with what THT, I do find it faster now than it was before