April Lightning Challenge (Run by Leaders)


I’m making something right now! Hopefully I’ll get it done in time…


We aren’t going to get a title


Submitted a bug report about a block not working, but it’s pending so who knows how long until I can continue…


What block is it?


Wait-never mind, found my issue
Edit: Nevermind, it still has an issue sighs


It’s the turn block
I’m trying to use it to make arcs for my project but it’s doing nothing


Are you using a Change X/Y block instead of a move forward?


… Yeah


That would probably be why it isn’t working then.
You’re changing the object’s X or Y instead of moving forward in the direction the object turned in.


That’s a weird thing
But yeah, it works now. Thanks for the help!


No problem!


Quickly made but adequate



You have one more hour to submit a project, then this topic will close!


I’m so excited to c who wins…


Wait I thought it ended 11 hours ago :woman_facepalming:t2:
Misread it whoops


Same! I wonder when the winners will be announced
Good luck to everybody!

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Ok, don’t know when we will get the results in…should be soon though!!



Sorting out the prizes now, we have to make the badges and such. Expect results sometime early this week.


Ok the badges have been created, thanks to Ana