April Lightning Challenge (Run by Leaders)


I know TDO is doing it.


Almost done…
Just need to add music and a challenge.


I’m doing one, although it’s not that great. Could I have 2 possible entry’s and then have people vote on the one I should submit?


Never mind, the other one didn’t work out the way I visioned


Yeah you can do that. Just keep in mind you can only have one entry. I recommend publishing both and having people vote from there. You can’t submit both which is what I’m trying to say :smile:


My entry, thx everyone who voted on the poll (on another note, the vote was 100% this one to 0% the other, lol). I know it’s trash, so…


It’s…stuck in the filter oof
@hopscotch-curators can you take it out?


Ok here’s my entry!


Coding :large_blue_circle::red_circle::red_circle::large_blue_circle: ‘s Entry !!

U have to reload it a few times to get the eyes to work


That’s so cute!


Thank u :)))


No problem, it’s a really cute bunny. Mine on the other hand is just…oof


I’m sure urs is great ! Good luck :cherry_blossom:


That looks so cute!


Here’s my entry!

Happy Spring everyone!

Sorry if it isn’t the best, I just got back into coding.


I really like it, I also just got back into coding as well!


Wth mya u didn’t tell me that u were making so amazing?? Like bro this is gorgeous :cupid::face_with_hand_over_mouth::heart_eyes: the color scheme is…so nice im crnying :cry: :moyai::see_no_evil:

@gobli09 @murphy1


:crying_cat_face: I know right it is perfect
@ItzMya what are you going to do with your custom title?


Sksksksksksk thanks :smile_cat:
@Murphy1 hhhh ty I actually haven’t thought about it bc idk if I’ll win, might do some emo song lyric :nerd_face::nerd_face::sunglasses: and I think if I win it then ppl in the collab get one too :frog:


Ok everyone, tommorow is the last day!