April Lightning Challenge (Run by Leaders)


Aaahhhh procrastination someone yell at me to stop procrastinating XD


I think I’m done, but I’ll wait to post it, in case I want to add something


What’s your account on hopscotch? I’m gonna go follow you @Gilbert189


Same as here, just Gilbert189 :)


Your an amazing coder, assuming that was you o found. Was it? Your amazing!


Thanks! Haven’t been on Hopscotch in a while. Hopefully my project for this competition turns out well!


I’m sure it will!


I´m sure that it will be awesome as you are an amazing Hopscotcher.


I totally agree, both of you are!


I bet it’ll turn out well, you’re an awesome hopscotcher!


If someone wins a prize but doesn’t want the prize, can they give the prize to someone else?


Maybe. Idk reallly. @HopscotchRemixer


If ppl collaborate on a project, do they both get the prize if they win?


First project in… 2 years?? That’s insane

It’s not great, and I’m not really expecting to win, but I tried! I’m still quite rusty. Anyway, here’s my submission! :)

(I kinda incorporated Easter with the eggs/rabbits, hope that’s okay!)


Thanks for the submission dude…

Projects due in 4 days!


idk but yeah I think so maybe,



Guys you have the rest of the day today and two days after that to finish all of your projects!


I can’t wait to c the results… there all gonna be awesome.


its gonna be totally awesome
-harry potter


Well we need more submissions…