April Lightning Challenge (Run by Leaders)


I added a couple prizes that I’m gonna give out


It’s in EST, the time plugin should tell you the exact time in your time zone


For future refreshes, all times will be in EST because THT’s HQ is located in that timezone. Also most forumers live in EST 😂


Man, you are as smart as an elephant.


They aren’t that smart are they?


I do not get the “Most forumer slice EST :joy:” part. .______.


They say “Elephants Never Forget Things”, so, it’s probably true.


Auto correct lol. Edited it


Wowza, someone is good (not you auto correct >.<) on this HS.


Well that’s five to seven extra hours for me.


I also added some prizes. Good luck everybody!


Roger that I’ma make something I hope :sweat_smile:


Lucky :stuck_out_tongue:
I’m est



Also is it an issue that my project keeps getting stuck in the filter?
I don’t know why it’s doing that.
Though I do have the words Göd, hoIy, heavèn, and twitter in the project.


It’s probably Twitter I think HS doesn’t want social media on projects


But I tried the like test on a test project (to see if it’d get stuck in the filter) with the word twitter in it, and it showed up in my liked projects.



5 Days Until All Projects Are Getting Judged!


Two days after muah birthday

(When you type muah the :kiss: emoji pops up.)


I might give this a shot! Haven’t been on Hopscotch in a while though… Might be a bit rusty


Awww thanks man! I think you might inspire some other people to submit there projects