April fools prank topic <<<<<< go here to prank people!



Hey guys it's April fools today but we don't want all the prank on hopscotch forum getting spam flagged so here is a topic to discuss it but first I need to ask @Kiwicute2016 @BuildASnowman @Anonymous PopTart0219 will this topic alright ?
And if you can every time it is closed can you open it?

Guys don't make it a too partieish and please don't get too off-topic


@Rawrbear got us good!

Pat, you there?


Good idea, but doesn't this kinda defeat the point? I mean, if it's here, then you know that its a prank, right?


Yeah true ....... Good point,


Ya it is the point. What the heck?


Yeah, that was funny. And what F4LO did too. :joy:


Please close topic.....


Who is pat? Is that a new person?


It's RAWRBEAR. He tricked us.


How? How did he trick us?


Hi im pat i like spongbob


He was hiiampat. HE IS.


I hate spongebob!!!!!!


I also hate sponge bob!


I love having fun, but make sure to keep it safe!


Hi it's Jumpy Sushi! Does anyone know who Jumpy Sushi is?


A sushi thats jumping?! Lol I don't know.


You have been pranked by me

(You see it's good because you haven't yet)


Omg guys MagmaPOP just followed me I swear!


That's fake! I know!( I am not trying to offend you!)