April Fools Day!


So, HAPPY APRIL FOOLS! Post your best April Fools Day joke! Here's mine: My dad has a lot of dandruff so he has to use a special shampoo. The color of the shampoo is like a dark syrupy color. I poured out the shampoo and poured in actual syrup! He washed his hair with syrup! He didn't even realize! He came out of the shower and me and my brother were trying to stifle a laugh! This is how the conversation went:
Me: Hey dad, how was your shower?
Dad: it was good
Bro: (giggling super hard(
Me and bro: ROTFL
Dad: tell me!
Me: w-we (giggle) changed y-your (giggle) shampoo f-for (giggle uncontrollably) SYRUP!
Dad: Wha???
Bro: HOW did you not realize? Didn't you smell it? (ROTFL)
Me: yeah, how did you not realize?
Dad: that was good guys! (Laugh) But please, can I have my shampoo so I can actually wash my hair?
Me: didn't you feel the stickyness of the syrup? How didn't you realize??
Dad: just give me the shampoo!
5 minutes later:

That's mine! What's yours? Make an April Fools Day hopscotch project that silly! Maybe a name picker wih funny names! Or a game like Get the bunny to the gold but if you touch the gold you die! Title it #AprilFools and I will pick the winner!


I put a plant leaf under the rug. When my dad was vacuuming, he accidentally sucked it up! But it sorta broke his vacuum...

And my unplanned one: A snake in the drive way. I picked it up and told mom about a "copperhead". When she came out, my dad followed. My neighbors and I giggled when she said she didn't see it. When she turned around, I was holding the baby snake that resembled the copperhead!

But how is this related to hopscotch?


Oh, I didn't think.....wait! I got it!


My younger brother kept saying "there's a pizza on your head! April fool's!!!" It's really cute :laughing:




Happy April Fools day!
It's so weird it's also my one Hundreth day!
I made an April Fools day Project, here!


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Me and,y dad got back from my baseball practice and my sis and mom was out shopping we got home before the girls we put a ice pack on my eye and said a baseball hit it!:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: The girls believed us!


My neighbor's little 2 year old cousin sang "Let it Go" at the dinner table- does that count? It was torturous! :joy:


At dinner, I'm going to fill up everyone's water cups then sprinkle pepper into them, so their water will taste spicy.


I one time put pepper in my friend Andrews OJ! He drank the whole thing and didn't know!
Good prank: Use an ice cream scooper to scoop mashed potatoes onto ice cream cones and put sprinkles on them! It's sooooo convincing!


@everyone change your profile pic to OrangeScent1's! Yes OrangeScent1, I am mean!


Ha that's so funny! Happy April fools day!


We did that last time! The same person!


So I told my mom that she should wash her hair and blow dry it afterward, and she agreed with me, she even said "Is this supposed to be an April Fools Prank?" and I had to bite my lip hard from trying not to laugh...

So when my mom was gone to go to the store real quick, I grabbed the baby powder, and I put it in the blow dryer....

So when my mom was back... She washed her hair... And she went to the mirror and plugged the blow dryer in... and then she looked inside and saw white stuff in it.....

She was like "Maybe this blow dryer has problems, let me see if it still works..."

Meanwhile I was pretending I was pulling something really hard so it would look like I was not laughing, and then she turned it on.....

Let's just say that the end wasn't a happy ending.....


I changed my parent's clocks to 9:30am when it was really 5:30pm, and I told them at 5:30 that they slept in and that dad was late for work! I also changed my dad's iPhone's language into French...


April fools joke... Hm.

Welp, the only prank that went down at school today was some girl legitimately squirted mayo all over another girl... She had to wear her gym clothes for the rest of the day and her bag got soggy and yellow.

idk but this IS off topic

It's black, like my soul. evil cackle


Aww! I remember me and my brother (when we had just moved to the U.S.) were visiting my grandparents and we told them we had seen (and I quote) "We saw an elephant balancing on a tennis ball reading a book with spaghetti as eyes! Haha! April fools we totally got you!"


Aww cute! Sorry it's true!:grinning:


Oh yes I saw that today!