April fools day prank contest



April fools is just around the corner! Make up a prank, the best prank gets a personalized drawing from me.:stuck_out_tongue:


Hehehe I love April Fools. Watch out forum :smirk:. Also @Anonymous, do you have plans for April 1st? :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Yeah, true that. Hmmm


The contest is a great idea! But... The prank part, may not be a good thing to do... People could take it as an offense. Maybe make an Easter contest instead! It's coming soon too! :wink:


Whoops! I deleted the post... :sweat_smile:

Maybe we shouldn't make it a competition! We could do funny little jokes on Hopscotch, like with the characters!

I could code bear to wake up and find his bed, with him in it, in a lake! :joy:


Good idea @Gilbert!189


We should do a MEGA dople gannger challenge! Like have a bunch of...Walruses with Bucketz as our pics!


Lol that would be so weird XD

By the way, I won't be upset if anyone pranks me! :smile: I find those things funny, not upsetting! :smiley: but I know others have a different opinion on that, so be sure with who might be involved in your prank!


I need the most incredibly, sneakish, harsh, deadly, meanest prank on the forums! Can you do a doc with me? @SmileyAlyssa?


@AHappyCoder Can I? I've got some ideas...


Okay, I will @ you in another topic.


Watch out forum! (Hehe...)


I have plans to trick everybody.....


Can I make one that will crush people and break hearts? Like a really harsh one? Lol JK it wouldn't do that... It would be quite harsh though...


This could be cool! :slight_smile:


Oh yeah! Maybe go like a love matcher and make it always go to 0 percent love. That would be funny.


Yes! It be very cool!


I was thinking something more intense.... :smiling_imp::smiling_imp::smiling_imp::smiling_imp::smiling_imp: lol I so evil


I'm gonna spam like a spam liker.


I can't wait!! I have the best prank!! :smiley: