Apps to project requests



This is where you can requests apps to be transformed to projects. I DID SEARCH AND NOTHING CAME UP!!!
Remember, almost ANYTHING can be possible in hopscotch! To prove that, take a look at @t1_hopscotch's AMAZING CREATION OF 2048!
Anyways, I'm going to suggest something as well.......
This game is called Bounce. This game is very addicting, and I would LOVE to see this game on hopscotch!
What do you request?


I would love to see this game (I might make it myself, but right now I'm really busy)

I think it's a fun game to play, and it shouldn't be too hard to make (I guess)


realfunky63 has already re-created that basically.


Really!!?? I didn't know that! Can you tell me what's it called? I was just looking trough the Appstore and saw this game so I tought cool! XD


Trampoline jump. It isn't excatly like it but you do pretty much the same.


I'd love to see Subway Surfers in hopscotch...


What about MINECRAFT
If you look at all the version then try to make it like that but first person


I'm making the sims :blush: