Appreciation Society



This is just a topic where you should post anything you like or appreciate in life. There seems to be a lot of negativity and sometimes it’s good to stop and think that there are lots of things to be grateful for. Hopscotch is one of them! Everyone here is so lovely - it’s great. Share what you love down below! You might meet some new people who have similar interests to you!


I love Hamilton the musical


I figured you would say that :smirk:


Also I love video games


This is a good topic :))
I appreciate art, drawing, and all the cool users on the forum :heart:


Oh, and of course Transformers


i like horses better than anything


I like free healthcare


I appreciate my best friend for always being there for me and music because it gives me the best feeling in the world

I also liek food


i used to have the same pfp as you back in the 16" days
and then for a year

buttt the memories aaaa

sorry im weird :PP


I agree with the food part.


Who doesn’t?? :watermelon::lemon::cucumber::kiwi_fruit::avocado::corn::pizza::fries::cut_of_meat::cheese::pretzel::ramen::spaghetti::sandwich::green_salad::curry::rice::pie::pineapple::tomato:


I appreciate Star Wars


I appreciate you making this topic! And for the Chibis being so nice to me I also appreciate food!


I appreciate poems. #Readmeapoem


I will read you a poem,

Roses are red,
Violets are blue,
Master Skywalker there’s too many of them
What are we going to do?


Fabulous. :smirk::smirk:


Roses are red
Violets are purple
It’s literally called violet
Nothing rhymes with purple


Same here! Happy Shakespeare Day too! He wrote a load of poems :smile:


Aw thanks. I love to spread positivity online and irl