Appreciation of Likes


Hey guys!

I know- I haven't posted much lately, by I've been watching the forum and I've noticed attention problems.

Today I feel as if it is necessary to go over the greatness of one like.

First of all, a like means somebody recognized your project. As in one person in the world enjoyed it. And another like means two people. In some cases, you don't know where these people live- other side of the country, or even other side of the world!

And secondly, if you put time into a project and it gets 100 likes, every like stands for one person who enjoyed your project. These likes can be from anybody, and it's truly amazing to be appreciated.

I'm fully aware that some may disagree, and that's completely fine.

Just be sure to be happy for the people who receive featured or trending- it feels great. Just appreciate and be thankful of those who you have liking and enjoying your projects- something's better than nothing!

Le applause!


Great topic Frenpai LL!


I completely agree!


AMAZING TOPIC! frenpai @LazyLizard!


Oh my gosh.


This feels like a breath of fresh air. Thank you for making this topic!!!!!!


I leike dis!:wink:


Thank you everyone!

I'm a bit slow with replies, and 22 likes?!?!!??

Ques Taylor Swift