Apple's version of hopscotch!?!?!


So I was watch apples WWDC live on June 13, and apple announced swift playgrounds!!! Pretty much apple's version of hopscotch. (but instead of block based coding, it gives you options of code!) @lisa @staff @thomas try thinking of adding something like this to the next 4.0 hopscotch update or even 3.1!! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: Please consider it!! You can check out the link to a preview of swift playgrounds for the iPad

check that to see about the time until it gets released.


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Im trying to get the beta for the app on my iPad, but I can't find it anywhere. I think I have to be a developer, but I found out a way to get iOS without being a developer.


It doesn't come out till fall, but the public beta is coming out in July, go sign up at


I'm trying to get a new badge so I need 16 more people to click on the link. (I summon @KVJ @Kiwicute2016 @Huggingfluffybear @AHappyCoder @Intellection74 @PopTart0219 @RobotPro @BuildASnowman @hopscotch_king @MatthewsGames @happy12345678910 @Bubbles4Ever929 @Anonymous)


tapped it 20 times...


I opened it (a lot lol)!


By 16 different users


Ah that's why it reset to 4… oh well worth a try XD




My mother told me about this. :D

I immediately thought of Hopscotch. XD

Anyway, thanks for sharing! :D

I'm definitely getting this. :D


Your welcome!!


COME ON!!! 3 MORE CLICKS ON THAT LINK FROM 3 DIFFERENT PEOPLEZ!! (SUMMON THY @battle_dog @HappyPerson1 @Kawaii_Lover @Sweetlina @AmiiboTrash @iReesesCup [those were the first people I found])


Ok I clicked


Nice! 23/25 clicks!! Thanks @iReesesCup!!!


Looks interesting to teach kids some minor Swift code.
Some of the commands have been toned down for kids to use.
If i had a Mac I would take more interest in Xcode


Actually after you learn all of the basics in the app, it actually teaches you very complex stuff!!!!


Xcode doesn't teach you anything!!


cant wait... currently taking a course on treehouse.