Apple Watch Version on Apple Watch?


So, everyone know what two new crazes are. Aplle watches and, of course, Hopscotch! So, I have a crazy idea. Why not put those two together? I mean, it would be easy! Coding on Apple watches would (kinda) be a breeze. This is just an idea, don't take this seriously. @Liza and @Asha


That would be difficult on an even tinier screen :0


But wouldn't it be cool to have HS on Apple Watch?


it might just be a community, you can only play, or talk not code....


That would be impossible to code on - already, the iphone was really too little space for hopscotch, an apple watch would probably be the equivalent of watching half a character at a time.


That makes sense. Thank you for explaining.


Exactly… everything would have to have been shrunk a LOT and may be even slower like how the iPhone (to me) is a slower than the iPad


This would be interesting, but I think they want to make an Android version first.


hopscotch in a square!


I have an apple watch, the smallest one. The editor will just be hard to use, but maybe liking and playing projects?


Shrink it, a lot.:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Yeah good idea!!!!!!!!