Apple Watch On Hopscotch



I have been working on this Apple Watch and I decided to make a topic for it. I am working on it again. I will have links so you guys can check them out. Some of these are on my old profile.

Version 0.1
Version 0.2
Version 0.3
Version 1.4
Version 1.5 (coming soon)

On Scratch:

Custom Apple Watches | Beta

By the topic title I thought you had downloaded the. Hopscotch app to the apple watch and made games that can be played on the apple watches small screen.


Same! I was kind of shocked!


I might do that. I might be getting an Apple Watch for Christmas. So I would see if I could get hopscotch on it if I got one.


I don't think you can because it should have a small round icon underneath the icon for All other apple Devices


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I'm also making it on scratch.


Adding different bands. (It's a random time I put in)


Does the button on the right in the fourth version do anything? Can you create things that happen when you do certain stuff to the device, because it could be less similar to the real Apple Watch?


Where it says my username and apple watch. That doesn't do anything if you tap it or something. I am making it like the real watch.


As in this one:


Thats for scrolling like how it is on the real one but. I haven't made it so it has yet.