Apple pie compition


Apple pie competition!

Here whoever codes/draws the best Apple pie will get 20 likes and the password to a collab acc. I’m starting!

The end date is June 25th!

Just fill this form to let me now you’re entering!

Hs username:

Coding/drawing/both (do this to the one you chose)


Doesn’t anyone read rules around here?




You should. There is a rule that says you are not allowed to post a link to a site that lets you communicate outside the forum.


Well I’m new so I guess I should youre right


I’m sorry, please forgive me :weary:


Sorry, I just get really mad when people break the rules. I understand you are new…


It’s okay, I also understand how you must feel knowing that so many people are chatting and everything. :confused:


There are spam topics all over the forum. Nobody is doing any thing about them…


Um communication outside the forum is fine
Many people do it
Including me


I don’t care if it’s fine I do it anyways


Same! Guess who I do it with! My mum! Lol… it doesn’t say no communication with people on the forum…


After this you might want to look at the community guidelines. You didn’t do anything super wrong though, so there is nothing to worry about! :slight_smile:

Here is a link to the community guidelines, which basically are the rules on here:
Community Guidelines


Thank you I appreciate this a lot! I hope to become a better community member now!


You already are, don´t worry :wink:


That sounds nice! But how about to make it HS related we can code the pies? That’s just a suggestion you don’t have to do it if you don’t want to