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I find myself with a little bit of a dilemma here. At this current point in time, I have my following tab essentially dedicated to my friends. I want to follow more people, but I don’t want my friends’ projects to get drowned in the sea of miscellaneous hopscotchers. No, this isn’t the first step of turning hopscotch into facebook. This is a legitimate suggestion that I would find useful. So, beneath the follow button is a button you can click to friend someone. Simple as that. There would be a friends tab which will display projects that your ‘friends’ have published. But it doesn’t end there. If two people have friended eachother, they can share projects onto eachother’s accounts. You click the on a project and click share onto account, then pick from a list of friends. The project will now show up on their account, but the name displayed above the title will still be your name. Both the person who made the project and the person whose account it was shared onto can take the project off of the account. There’s also a bunch of other features you could introduce with this, but I won’t ramble on forever.

@Liza @Rodrigo @Ana I know you don’t usually introduce features like this but this would be really useful.

EDIT: you’d also get notifications


Alright so I just skimmed through this and I would like to know the difference between this and following/followers things we already have


It’s just a more efficient version of following but with different implications and some other stuff too


I think it’s a pretty cool idea.

Not sure what you mean by the projects going into their account, but other than that, 100% agreement from my side.


Great idea!

Like, you’re saying, besides the friends tab, another feature would be something like a button in the corner of a draft that, when pressed, would pop up with some sort of menu hat has an option to share/collab the project with a friend?
That would make collabs sooooo much easier, and if both friends contribute to the project, they could both publish it and it could say, By Friend1 & Friend2!
Sounds like Framecast…


Yes, it was partially inspired by FrameCast


Cool! It’s a great idea and would be really helpful when doing collabs.


What about you could send a message to your friends? That would be cool


I like the idea but I don’t think they would add it since Hopscotch isn’t exactly meant to be used like Kik, Twitter, Snapchat, etc…

Adding friends might make Hopscotch too much of a social media for talking instead of coding but who knows, maybe if it were implemented properly, it could work well.


It’s mostly for viewing and creating projects though, not chatting


I’d think you’re trying to go this direction: following tab should have different channels
Following: channel/stream 1, 2, etc


Yeah but with the friends I’m compacting several problems into one solution


This is a really good idea! You could also just have some kind of mark on projects that your friends have posted, like a star next to the project name or something similar. That could also appear when you are scrolling through other tabs too, like #art or #featured .


Yeah that would be a good idea


Hey! It’s awesome to see that you found a lot of friends through Hopscotch, but we all have to remember that the main purpose of Hopscotch is to teach young people how to code. I’m afraid we won’t incorporate this feature, first of all because there are very strict rules for dealing with personal data. It’s important to keep Hopscotch safe place for everyone and these rules limit what we can share.


that would make it easier to rp

you know, that thing you’re against


oh, okay, but, like I said, it is mostly for viewing projects. but if you don’t want to implement it, i understand


That would end RP projects
You know


it would still make hs a place to rp
you know


It would