App freezes on me when I try to test my draft? (Plus I got the white screen bug)



Device: iPad 6th gen
Version: Latest version of Hopscotch
Username: tankt2016
Issue: I was test-playing my Bird Caretaker draft, and I tapped one object, which should end the game (yeah it’s my testing cheatcheat object lol — it won’t be in the final version). Then, instead of the object being tapped, and ending the game, Hopscotch freezes. The whole screen. The buttons won’t work, nothing will. The only thing I can do is press the home button and exit the app. (But nothing happens outside the app.)
Anyone know why this happens?
By the way it might have something to do with my project having like 100 objects, plus a lot of control blocks.

Oh yeah, and I got the white screen bug on this project once too.



I’d just recommend trying clones instead of 100 objects to help it not do that


Yeah lol it probably is all the objects


No. E-Pad can load 300+ no problem


Weird. That’s way out of my League for fixing bugs. Good luck though.


These performance bugs is probably easiest solved by THT. Can you try to email them?


I would email them but I don’t have an email,



Not sure how to resolve, ask the hopscotch team.


That’s not good. Maybe you can ask your parents or your brother?


Hey! So what should we do?


Hi, I’m not exactly sure. I haven’t done a private whiteboard before…


Okay, let’s find out!

@tankt2016 what should we do?


What do we do now @tankt2016


Hhhmmmm. She’s not responding.


@1234Lillian @SilverDolphin I tagged you here in an old post so nobody could find it lol,

Just open the link, go into the wbf and I’ll delete the link so nobody comes in and erases the whole thing


Yep, I noticed and we can’t click on her profile either! Maybe we should just wait for now? Or do our own one?




Ah okay, great! I shall find it!


Sorry I didn’t see your post so I was confused!