App Contest! FULL!


hey hopscotchers! Im having an app contest no teams everyone is a single pringle in this contest. Seven spots are open. Your project is due on the March 20th 2016. Invite people to the contest please. Bye!

Hopscotchers in the contest​:arrow_down_small:

New Game Sneakpeek!

The title of the thread says "App Contest"....


I know ( filling space )


Change it then.


So who wants to join?


Why? ( filling space )


I might if I finish the project on time. I am a slow coder. :wink:


I think thats the "name" of the contest :wink: See doesn't have to change it. I don't know if @Coffee7 felt this way but i would reword your last post, it kind of sounded a little mean. :wink:


I'm probably gonna extend the time


Who wants go join :stuck_out_tongue:


But in the thread it says art contest...?


Oh I didn't know ( filling space )


Maybe the contest is to recreate a app like geometry dash or Pou :wink: :smiley:


Can I be in it???,,202020202


Does anyone want to join


Yes! ( filling space )


I might be able to join... but i'm not to sure :wink:


K just ask @SnowGirl_Studios


remember to invite people


May I join I could help you make a bracket