Apology to Ella_13


Apparently she doesn't want to accept this. She was just seen.


She might post soon. Give her the benefit of the doubt. :)

@Zachyswag, I don't have much to say other than what's already been said, but it was incredibly brave of you to post this, especially not knkwing how people were going to react. :)


Ok, yeah! Maybe you're right!


@RubyStars, good idea.

I think she may have muted you. And me. And all the people she doesn't like.


Then... we need someone else to tag her!


Let me try. @Ella_13.

She might be busy or something. Let's not harass her.


She'll see the topic eventually. It's her choice whether or not she wants to consider accepting it, we can't do much else than wait. :)

Also, this little piece of advice isn't directly related to anyone, but it ties in with the topic, so here.
If you know you did something wrong, and should apologize, but you don't think the other person will accept it, still apologize. It's always best to be the bigger person. Like @codingCupcake123 said, you'll feel the weight lifted of your heart, and you'll be at peace with it, even if the other person isn't. :)


All I want is to her to at least say something. :frowning:


For the record, I like that apology! 'Tis really nice of you to have dome that.

Maybe @Ella_13 is busy or something? Anyway let's not gossip (even in a topic about the person). :slight_smile:


Well, it's not really gossip, because we're not really talking behind her back. I mean, we tagged her like 10 times.


Heh... what was I thinking. I don't deserve to be forgiven.


I want to proud of my profile picture and I abused it.


Just quoting this in case anyone missed it. :)

@Zachyswag, everyone, yes everyone deserves a second chance. Even if you aren't forgiven by the other person, if you really mean your apology, you'll forgive yourself.


I'll try owo


I've already had multiple chances. I've used them, and wasted them.


You are an incredibly brave person, who really shouldn't be putting yourself down. @Ella_13 may not be here, but we are, and we forgive ya.


No, you haven't. Every second you're still breathing is another chance. You can fix things if you really want to. Mistakes are how you grow. Seize this opportunity as a chance to grow. :)


Ok. Here's the deal.

So I'm so stressed out at school. I'm legitimately failing a class, I keep getting into fights because of ■■■■■■ reasons, and I was so sick today, and I couldn't miss cross country practice because I've already missed 3 and if I missed another I would be kicked off the team so I had to go to practice while I was sick. I had a terrible head ache today and my nose has been runny all day and that ■■■■■. When I got online, I thought it would make me happy, but it didn't when i found out that i was tagged to a topic saying that I'm a sinner. Ella agreed with the person, and when I fought back, Ella defended the other person and said I was being disrepectful to their religion. Then she makes a whole topic on how to be a good person, basically saying that we should all be laid back and not tag each other to be mean. I told her that I hated her out of anger.

I told her that I hated her

That ruined everything.

And maybe it's true. I may sin sometimes in life, but we all make sins sometimes. I don't deserve forgiveness. I typed this whole thing just so you could know that.

Even though I don't deserve forgiveness, I still wanna sorry. It's all my fault this happened and I take all credit for it...

Out of anger...

Sorry @Ella_13


Zach, you are not a sinner. But I think you should look after your health.
I missed out cross-country this year and last year. I couldn't run fast, because my heart beats slightly faster than other people.
And I would actually faint if I force myself run faster than others.

Look after yourself, it really doesn't matter much what other people think of you. Even if the whole world hates you, you should still love yourself. You were called a sinner doesn't mean that you are.

Please, do me, you, and all the people who loves you a favor, love yourself, look after yourself, and look after your health.

—Lucy (surname)/StarryDream


Y'all tagged me a lot lol

@bluedogmc-official see p. I did accept the apology

That's weird though cause I just got on. I was on my
Phone playing a game but I wasn't on the forum until now. It's weird that it said I was on.

Zach- I accept your apology . We are both at fault. I was only defending that person because kids were ganging up on them.

@Zachyswag and I'm sorry also.