Apology to Ella_13


This message is for @Ella_13

Dear Ella_13,

I'm really sorry Ella. It was all my fault that this whole thing started, and it's ok if you don't accept my apology. And to prove that I'm really sorry... I'll leave. You want me to, then I will. I'm really sorry. :slight_frown:

And before you reply anything, I just wanna say that I had a really bad day, and that's probably why this whole thing started.


From Zachyswag

P.S. I'll probably only leave for a little while. I won't leave forever for another couple years.


This is really mature and kind of you to say.

You were brave and strong to swallow your pride and apologize. Good job!




What are you apologizing for?


Ok, how does this have 7 likes already?


Check my activity.


Because you did something very respectful, kind, and mature!

It was really nice of you to apologize. :D


We think this was amazing of you to do.

Definitely deserving of 7 likes. Being the bigger person (I'll say big not to insult Ella)....

So being a big person always pays off. You feel weight go off your heart, and sometimes you get a little bonus. Like a nice topic or something.


Wow. I was not expecting these kinds of replies. I was expecting something like "Blah, blah, blah! You didn't need to make a whole topic for dis!"


Oh, and please stay. You're a really kind, fun, smart person.



This was a really nice apology. It was very mature of you to do that, and I think that Ella will accept it.

Even though I wasn't a part of the fight, I forgive you :)


I hope @Ella_13 accepts. It took so much gut to click create topic.


Thanks for the forgiveness! @Sensei_Coder


Great job apologizing!

I was literally working on a apology topic for her, but has o was writing it she said she wouldn't accept my apology and some other stuff, so I decided not to make a topic.


When did she say that?


It was in the "how to be a good person" topic, she said everything that she said about me was true and that she doesn't need to apoligize back to me. I don't really want to get back into it though.


Ima tag her again so she gets the message. @Ella_13




Please don't ignore!