Apology to ella_13 for everything


Hi even if you're not Ella hi
So I wanted to say I'm sorry for treating you kinda badly these past months, I guess what people said about you really sank into me and changed my feelings about you :disappointed::grimacing:. And you were right, I do need to change my attitude bcwude I've realized I'm way too bossy or rude or full of myself at times. I lost a great friend which is you because of what other people were saying and I feel terrible about it. I've been putting off this topic for a few weeks because I'm afraid of what people will say in the comments. I've realized that you are misunderstood on the forum and people treat you badly just because you stand up for yourself and what you think is right or fair. I've done the same thing and people have treated me he same way. I was just testing on the other account to see if people would treat me any different there, people still sassed even if they didn't know it was me, you were correct so yes I eventually ended up telling you that it was me. I was being pretty mean to you on that account so I'm really very sorry for all of that.... I'm also sorry for reporting you to Liza for making another account that time and for reporting you be where I thought you shared your last name. That wasn't nice of me and friends don't get each other in trouble. I'm also sorry for blocking you. I will unblock you soon once I log into that email on my computer so I can unblock you. I am sorry for getting you in trouble so I wouldn't get in trouble too. I should have been braver and gotten in trouble too because it wasn't good to do. I promise to be a better friend if you accept me to be your friend again and I'm sorry for everything I did to you. I will ignore what people say about you and just focus on what I think of you and you are a very nice person actually.
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@codingcupcake123 can you make sure she sees this and knows that I'm sorry :frowning:


I think she will forgive you! That was a nice letter!


That was really deep, and I know it was sincere. I can also tell it took a lot of courage, so I am giving you a standing ovation. One question, what was the other account?


Very well said!
I would accept this if it was directly to me :D


Er uhm..... everyone would hate me if I said uhhh


I wouldn't.


uh how do I say this...


No one hates you even if you say that :slight_smile:
I wonder how everyone makes so much accounts?
I can't seem to have that much emails at my sideXD
Lol I just keep editing this post


It was a stupid decision to make the acc


Omg! You were trinigirl? Trinigirl was hilarious!


wait is it because of the blackmail thing


Yesssss! That was hilarious! I didn't know that was you! Why did you make it the account?


It was a test I guess I also wanted regular too


Oooooh, I see. Well that was a great apology but how is Ella going to see it?


Cc123 will tell her! They talk :smiley:


This is an amazing apology! I hope that she will accept it :)


Ok then, I hope she accepts it! Good Luck!


I told her about it she hasn't seen it yet


Ok if she's doesn't find it can you link it to her