Apology to @cash


Listen, I'm really sorry @Cash
I started the flame wars
It's my fault
Since you hate my family, I'll leave if you want. Right now

I think my biggest problem right now is ( I'm nkt going to email) how is communication outside the forum not bad. Everyone was calling me a tattle tale cause I was gonna email Liza over u communicating outside the forum and I have proof. Yet u went and emailed Liza and said Ella said she was gonna share her last name which she never said. I think Ella was frustrated cause u got them suspended because u were were trying to protect Ella . Great friend act and all but it's her own life. She is not a little kid that's gonna share her addres.s, school, and social security number. She was just gonna share her last names initial if anything. And they go to the same school because they both know all about the stuff in the school (the classes, electives, clusters etc.)

My deal is let's start over. And maybe u could email Liza that Ella never did share her personal info but u probably won't

And I'll tell Ella if u want that u weren't tying to get her suspended

What were u trying to do then by emailing Liza? (Just wondering)!



hold up let me read it first


Dude I never said I hate driving your family I just said that I was done with your family being rude to the forum


My goal wasn't too be rud. It's just you guys pushed me to that point

@EmojisRUs ushed me over and made me steaming mad


Do you like ice cream


Did she push you off the cliff



I like candy and cake

She can in with her all caps post and acted like I was rude

@Sweetlina that stinks. Egg is in a lot of stuff


i am allergic to egg so i cant eat cakes


Are we good now?

And do u understand how I was kinda mad cause u got my sis suspended with no proof?

She would never share her last name


Don't act like you didn't start it
I apologized and you should too
Let's drop it


@Cash please respond


Why don't y'all just drop it


I already admitted I was rude


I was just apologizing


K and


Well ur telling me to drop it

I need @Cash to see this and either accept my apology or dont


Actually I sent Liza screenshots but I deleted them


Well you just keep talking about it why don't we just forget about it


Wait what there's drama oh sorry I wasn't there becwuse I was MACARONI CHEESE AND GRILL MY SWORFISH