Apology for @bluedogmc


This message is for @bluedogmc-official

Dear Bluedogmc,
I'm really sorry that we were fighting. I was the one who started it and it's my fault.

I just think that some of the things you do by accident really get on my nerve. It's kinda a pet peeve, you could say.

I've been having a rough couple of days with my concussion. Having a concussion makes it even harder to think stuff through before I post.

I hope we can become friends.
It's alright if u don't accept it



May I please just applaud? :D

:clap: :clap:


:clap: :clap: :clap:, another clap:


It's not even a gif though :0

Jk lol


:clap::clap: CLAPZ FOR DAYZ

Ok jk


I know... Most GIFs that I upload don't move... Halp? iOS 8.2 iPad mini 2!


That's not a .gif file. That image is a .jpeg file.

Be sure to know if the gif is actually a .gif :stuck_out_tongue:





This doesn't work... I tried to write ".gif", but this doesn't work... ;-;


Thank you so much!

I should also apologize, has I can be a little strict.



8.2 I don't know my version I think like 9.1 (If there one)


That's so mature of you @Ella_13! Great job!! :+1:🏼:+1:🏼