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I’ve been painting
it’s ugly ;-;


Oh, she’s adorable! I love the references to her old skin, it’s so cute!


I just realized that it looks like I made one of her legs longer than the other but it was just that i positioned it differently
@Dude73 thaaaaaaanks


Aughh the background color is too similar to the skin color so you can’t rlly see the peace sign


Aww it looks great! :grinning:


Did anyone else watch the latest FC university? About Aph’s wolf plush?


I haven’t watched the last 10 episodes, I plan on binging them tonight :P


lol yeah wasnt that uploaded on firday
i’m so good at typing omg


I’m salty cause I’m never featured or noticed ;-;
(watch today’s vid)


Aww,that’s ok. I bet your art was great :grinning:


I’m really glad that Jess is more comfortable in front of a camera again!


Watching the newest FCU episode like ヽ( ຶ▮ ຶ)ノ!!!




Does anyone know where to get an off the shoulders white top? I’m going to a minefaire (yes I’m planning it very early i was thinking of this since when I bought meh ticket) and I wanna cosplay as aph from MS:LL/S3
It’s so hard lol (you think it would be easy :roll_eyes: it’s not…)


You could always get a normal top, and then cut it to make it off the shoulders.


Yeeeeeah but that’s weird cause the hem and I’m too lazy to sew lol
(yes I have the energy to look online for things and try things on at the store if I find anything but not to buy a white t shirt and sew it because all of my white T-shirts are either pe clothes or from when I was 5 and those are way too small to wear outside)


You could always use fabric glue to glue the cut hem to the inside of the shirt, that gives it a cleaner look.



OKAY, Jenny is just being outright creepy and obsessive at this point. I completely agree with Betty XD but I don’t know why Aaron forgot about the fact that Mac was there too. I mean come on. :P


ikr especially since Xavier was there he could’ve said no and said he was busy pretty much all the time now


ughghghghg jenny is annoying
Just cause aaron saved a girl in the water that has been his best friend doesn’t mean that she’s gonna steal your dude like I would be proud if I were her