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Anyone here? Also I am starting to like Jenny more than Diana. Diana is a hypocrite and honestly how many Aarons do you think there are lady? But seeing them both fight over Aaron is funny, especially when at the end Aph just hugs him and they’re both like, “WAIT WHAT” XD


merry crimas
does anyone know why aph was sad when she saw alina’s gift(the stockings)


She knew that her “cousin” was gone, and that she probably wasn’t going to see her again.
She was special to aph, you could tell. She cared so much.




the thing is we know that they end up together but regardless it’s frustrating when watching and you don’t ship it
I’m not a big fan of any of the comments anymore because it basically is just people who either are mad with Jenny or mad with people who are mad with Jenny


Personally, I like Jenny. I think she’s very interesting and more realistic and complex then many other characters, (Garroth, anyone? I love the dear boy but he’s got exactly two emotions- goofy [is goofy an emotion? it is now] and sad.) However, I actually understand that people have different opinions, and that’s what makes me different from the idiots in the comment sections. As well as understanding that I need a valid reason to dislike her rather then disliking that gasp she has a crush on a dude that’s not currently in a romantic relationship, and likes him enough to actually pursue a relationship with him!! golly gee gosh isn’t that a sin!!!


ikr idk why people hate her she’s literally just like a regular girl crushing on a cute guy




She had complete rights to like Aaron too! No one told her that aph and him had a history, imagine how that feels for someone to hurt walk into your life and suddenly be best friends with Aaron. I feel for Jenny, she doesn’t get the love she deserves.


I mean it would be a bit confusing but people can have friends???


oh my god a sensible person

(Also note: I love Jenny so much more than I did when the series started SO lol)

Yeah I made like a thousand comments like that. We all know that Aph and Aaron are going to get together eventually and that Jenny doesn’t end up with him so why does it matter? Besides Jenny has every right to have a crush on him.


you’re right but it’s still frustrating to see your ship sinking
just because they get together in the future doesn’t exactly help others when they’re sad cause Jenny x Aaron is currently sailing-ish


And what about the guy that likes Jenny? What if they ended up together in the future?(gosh i cant remember his name)


Was it Mack?
yeah I forgot


2018! I hope Jess,Jason,Julia,and Joseph had a nice one.(And Jet)IMG_1345
Ahh Jet is so cute


anyone remember johnny ;-;
i remember seeing the vid about him missing and hoping he would come back


awwww johnny ;-;

it’s so sad he ran away

well he will remain within our hearts XP


I’m thinking of making a starlight in a nutshell vid (I already drew some of the characters and wrote the thing lol)



also funny story: I made my google pfp Aaron from PDH and my friend was really confused on who it was. (She thought it was Gray Fullbuster from Fairy Tail lol) actually I’m pretty sure that he was based off of that character. but anyways.


soo today i was walking my dog
and i thought about having an Aphmau themed birthday party lol
my birthday’s in like six months tho