Aphmau Fan Club Topic


yeah. ickkkk.
I have an enormous crush on demon travis so yes i have a personal investment in the storyline coming back XD


The only person I'd have a crush on is Aaron, but he's kinda taken


aaron is cute but kinda stu-y. Travis, on the other hand, is adorable ahhhh


Yes. YES.

I'd join, but I haven't watched Aph in a while and I have no clue what's going on in any of the series right now XD


Or zuzu
Zuzus a cutie XD



Though I ship him with Kc


But zuzu so cute
So if Zane chan doesn't happen (it probs will tho) then.... idk xD


It better happen or I swear



Aarmau, Zane chan, and percabeth are my otps rn


I changed my profile pic to this until I take a pic of that aph face I made lol


Honestly, I will hate ein from the bottom of my heart forever and ever XD

I never liked him in the first place, he gave me bad vibes. XD


Everyone's all like #WeStillLoveYouEin and my response: ... gUyS hE tRiEd To KiLl AaRoN


I didn't like him in the first place! He needed to go fall in a hole and stay there in high school


I really wanted daniel to beat him up tbh XD


That would have been beauty

But I'm happy with Daniel being alpha too


Yeah, that works XD.

even tho i wanted blaze to be alpha bc my crush on him is the size of aphmau's fanbase


My crush on Daniel is the size of youtube's fan base tho


My crush on blaze is about the size of the order of the phoenix (:0)


My crush on Daniel is about the size of my anxiety XD


my crush on blaze is the size of.. idk, I don't know. The rivalry between nz and australia?