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Wait, Aph’s brother?! What?! Have I missed something?!


I rewatched PDH S1, and I found there were actually subtle hints towards Aaron being a werewolf, so I don’t have as big of a problem with it as I did before. But there has been literally NO foreshadowing for Aph having superpowers, so that would be distasteful.


Yeah, I rewatched too and noticed a couple things

I feel like they’ve made such a big deal about Aph being an only child that there’s a chance she might actually have a living brother


I definitely don’t think Sylvana had any more kids, but the probability Zach hooked up with Elizabeth or someone to further hurt Sylvana is high. So maybe Aph has a half-brother?


Ohh yeah
Then she and Katelyn would be literal half sisters
Which would be weird since sylvana is with Katelyn’s dad now


What’s your aph otp
(wait…lemme guess…Aarmau?)


They’d manage XD

I’m expecting MCD and MyStreet to collide at one point (i mean MyStreet characters already say Oh My Irene sooo) and if they don’t i will be sorely disappointed >:0


I like Laurmau in diaries, but imagining Aph with anyone else in MyStreet is insane to me.


True, true.


Aarmau, kemmalyn (cries), Travlyn


t e a r s


Aw dont cries
here have whatever this is:


leggy ・:*+.(( °ω° ))/.:+


Those look like mettaton’s gorgeous legs


they tried to put me on the cover of vogue
but my legs were tooooooo long


They’re too fab for this world
̿̿ ̿̿ ̿̿ ̿’̿’\̵͇̿̿\з= ( ▀ ͜͞ʖ▀) =ε/̵͇̿̿/’̿’̿ ̿ ̿̿ ̿̿ ̿̿

(∩ ゚ヮ ゚)⊃━☆゚.*


i’m legendere
all legs
no dere




Oh my lord the Mycraft references XD



Definitely not birch. Nope. Not birch.