Aphmau Collabs and Fun Things to make for Aphmau



Zanemau all the way!!!!!! and Kawaii~Travis! I like you, @MoonlightCoder!


wow, I'm surprised I ever got tagged because I am hardly noticed in the forum first of all, second of all: WOW. I just heard of this Aphmau person, and she kinda reminds me of when I used to watch DanTDM. Thanks @MoonlightCoder for introducing me to Aphmau :blush:

P.S. I secretly LOVE Anime, and the roleplays she does reminds me a lot of Anime and Chibi and Kawaii :iphone::heart_decoration:


So what's your favriote episode or series my fav is MyStreet


I am not fully aware yet, :no_mouth: I'll reply to this when I'm fully aware :sweat_smile:


@UnknownArt2016 so what's you fav series you have it yet


well i like the most " Mystreet" :slight_smile:


Well you know how Katelyn is feeling 'ill' lately well my theory is that Katelyn is pregnant with Travis come on guys what do you think?

Also I ship
Aarmau- Aphmau x Aaron
Zanaii~Chan- Zane x Kawaii~Chan
Garvy - Garroth x Ivy
Danna - Dante x Jenna
Tarvlyn- Travis x Katelyn

Do you guys have any other ideas?
Also #Aphmauloversforlife!!!!!!!

Sorry I can get sooooo fangirly


(I know this is way old but still) Omg someone else likes Aphmau :smiley: I ship Garrence Aarmau and Travlyn


Sorry for the revive, but there’s an Aphmau Fan Club now if you would like to join c:
also sorry for the tag just wanted to make it easier for people to join lol