Anything In Drafts?



Do you have anything in drafts at the moment? I don't. Lol.

I hope you reply!


I do, I actually have a lot of things. (Lol I think I liked an instant after this topic was created)


I have over 50 things :sweat_smile:


You did! Lol. Thanks you anyways!


Oh wow! That's a lot! @Stick88!


I am rocking over 300 projects :sunglasses:

Monday I had over 500, I am trying to clean it up! :laughing:


Oh wow @SmileyAlyssa! And compare it to mine. I have none in drafts. Lol. :laughing:


I have like 10 i have to work on each one evenly


I have tons of drafts! About 10 to 25.


I have 5 or so.

A unfinished pixel art
A WIP draw pad
An attempt at hopscotchifying music
A pet care game

Well, I guess I have 4


Cool @Lightningstrike!


Oh yeah I have...

Like 5000!


That's tons?

Oh my!!!


Wow @Huggingfluffybear


Yeah most of them are like a monkey!


I have at least 5 things in my draft. One of them is a link, one is a project I'm working on, and the rest random.



Some are things I'm working on. Some are unpublished things I was too lazy to delete. Some are idk.


I have 4. 2 for hsb colors. One for an unfinished pixel art I'm really procrastinating on. And the last one is a project I'm making for my birthday!


Cool @DancingLollipop!


I just have a ton of experiments that I forget to delete or publish.