Anything art contest! Anyone can join!


Ive never done any contest before so i want to make my first contest!
So u know by the title what this is (art contest)
So u have to make trail art or a drawing or a bg or anything art!
This contest will go on intill Monday!
U have 3 days to do ur art!
1 no being mean here
Thats it let the enterys begin!!
1st place: 1 shoutout and 20 likes (on the forum)
2nd place: 1 shoutout and 10 likes (on the forum)
3rd place: 1 shoutout and 5 likes (on the forum!
Ok so as i said it ends Monday 6:00 (eastern time)
And im sorry if im not on the forum Monday or any other days because im very busy so ill give out the prizes when i can ok so u get it now?!
Now let the art begin!!!!!!



People that i have seen there art!
( since not that many peeps entered those three people will get ether 1st 2nd or 3rd place


Cool idea,

I suggest you should tag a few people,
However don't tag like everyone because that's a bad idea.


Me thinks so.


Copy from this topic to get it. :D


6 o clock. Is that pm or am


@Paige1212 I'm going to do something for this. It will be Halloween themed. (It will be a BG on my Halloween account)


I wanna join this art group


I am good at art!plz let me join


Hello anyone here I feel left out


Its a contest u have to show me something related to art




Ok,I will do it later


Here is it,I hope it is a good art for you


Wow thats really good!


Thank you @Paige1212 I am so happy that you think my art was good


@Paige1212 just in case I don't finish the background in time I made a jack o' lantern. If I finish it in time scrap this entry!


Cool!!!!! @Hoppertoscotch


@Paige1212, can I do it by drawing something on paper, and posting a picture here?


@KayKat Sure it doesn't have to be on hopscotch!