Anyone wants to do pixel art collab on Hopscotch



Anyone wants to make a collab account with that's pixel art anyone @BaconStudios, @Dylan329, or @FoodDelivery


Sure @PrincessBunny1 I can


Do you know how to do advanced pixel art


Yea I know them all, normal, square, clone, smooth (:


How about a big pixel art profile that will go on featured do you know how to do that


Edit an old post with my @name
When I like it, delete it


What do you mean by that


Put the click the pencil, put the pass and put @Periwinkle_Dolphin somewhere. Once I like it, delete the post by clicking the trash can.


Click the pencil on one of the post next to the like button, and mention me. Do not put it here. Once I like it, click the ... next to the like button and click the trash can button


I forgot the name can u put it I know the pass


PixelArtCoders is the username


Sure I will help, but I'm not going to be on the forum this week. I'll help today and tomorrow