Anyone Wants A Free Logo?


Anyone Wants A Free Logo That Is Drawn By Me? It'll Be On Hopscotch Though, And I Might Take Some Time Because I Have School. But I'll Try To Finish It. If You Do Want One, Just Reply This With Your Hopscotch Username And I'll Try To Make It! :grinning:


Hi @CreamBliss
Thanks for doing mine! It looks awesome! Also,First Reply and like!


Can you do mine?My user name is PianoMan​:musical_keyboard:


May I have one? I'd like it to say "waffl :3" on it!


@PIANOMAN, Can I Just Make The Letters? I'm Bad At Drawing The Emojis.


@BellaWafflez17, Can You Please Give Me Your Username On Hopscotch So I Can Put It In The Title? Thanks!


My Hopscoth username is iWaffle :slight_smile:


I guess so.I would rather the emojis though, but whatever you want!


Thanks! I don't know how to draw emojis.


I made it already. You just have to scroll down if you haven't seen it. It has a piano drawing next to it.