Anyone want to take over my Draw Pad Club?


I'd hate to give it up but I really don't have time and I want to code more. Can someone I trust take over at LEAST with the challenges? My members have been waiting way to long for a challenge!

What it is:
A club for learning to make and then build on to a draw

The club leader's responsibility:
To host a challenge regularly

Just ask me if you have questions! (I'm 101% sure there will be questions :blush:)

@PandaBlossom @DMF @Dude73 @SmilingSnowflakes @t7lks would any of you be interested? You don't have to be, I'm just asking​:grin:

More info: THIS IS NOT A DRAW CLUB, ITS A CLUB TO MAKE A DRAW PAD hehe I forgot to say that


Yeah, sure!


Hallo! I'm EnchantedHopscotcher on hopscotch, and I'm sorry for making a green pad just like yours. I didn't see it till you talked to me about it... SORRY


Hey, don't worry about it, you didn't know so you weren't copying :grin::+1::blush:


Thank you so much. :DD


Before I "hand it over" do you have any questions? You can ask them later too if you think of something then


Maybe... :blush: I think you need to make a poll :wink:


Hi @BotanistGirl24
What happen to u n da club


I can takeover the club!

I mean if I can

And if you let me


Well I'm busy and the time I do have for Hopscotch I think should be for coding


I can takeover e club! I'm also a member!
Although I have a few questions:
What kind of activities are we doing?
What system are you doing?(the strike system,etc.):
Can you gimme more details?:


I'm sorry I didn't reply earlier. I was... um... sleeping. XD
Do I need to make an art pad for this?
If so, what kind?


The type of activities include the members adding new special effects and features to their draw pad. You can have them add more colors too.

For example one of the challenges could be to add a mirror draw feature to their own draw pad. Slowly over time everyone's draw pads will have a lot of features!

As far as the system goes, I actually haven't decided yet but I think the strike system would be best. When someone is out (if they get 3 strikes) you can recruit new members.

The challenges should be at least once a month (something I wouldn't have time for sadly)

Not sure what else to say​:thinking: You can always ask if you have more questions


Okey, that helps a lot. Thank you, @Hero_Dino+@BotanistGirl24! XD


You don't HAVE to make an art pad but you can. But when I made the challenge I made an example pad so everyone could look in my code if they where having trouble with coding it.


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I think I'm ready to take over the club!


I'm not sure who to give it to! Maybe I can give it to two people?


That's fine with me.


we might be having 2 people in charge of the club or even more so we'll see​:wink: