Anyone want to make a pixel art collab with BaconStudios



I'll accept the first 3 people

sign up

Well you be active

Well you help with pixel art

Well you be nice and not share the password

Do you know how to do pixel art


And yes (of course) btw can @FruityMILKSHAKE join she is my BFF



Do you know have to do pixel art


I have made an evee before @FruityMilkshake has made some emojis !


She has to post and fill form I'll except 3 people
Square pixel art??


Kind of ...


Should we do like a coding partner thing??


Not right now xD I'm busy making stuff on hs ATM


!! Looking forward to it !!


And then I have a pixel art with @Dylan329 to make its almost done are profile is ThePixelArtCreators


Sorry, I haven't made a pixel art before.:confused: