Anyone Want to make a Collab?



Does anyone want to make a colab account? I feel so lonely on hopscotch so I would like to make one. If so, can you please vote what you want it to be about?

  • IDK
  • Pixel Art
  • Club
  • Drawing
  • Drawing with code
  • Backgrounds
  • Random stuff
  • Chatting
  • Games
  • Other (post idea)




I'll collab with you @VanillaBlossom


Yay! Thanks @Fun_in_the_Sun!


Can I make the account?


Sure! But what should we call it?


Collab of the Centuries


That seems like a cool name!


I'm going to Hopscotch, (Be right back)


I made it! Should I say the password out loud


I don't know. I never made a collaboration before. Maybe you should but give a warning.


Tell me when your on so I will post then delete.


I am on. Post on! Thank you.


I'm deleting it now.


Got it delete please.


I'm going on hopscotch to check it out. What did you vote for?


EVERYTHING! (The category)


Okay. So what now? Do you want to enter @Rawrbear's contest for collabs?


I invited my friend to join. She's on the same time as me. And yes we can hack into both of each others accounts.


Yeah, let's do it. (Btw I have to quit my old team)


Thanks! I never had anyone do something for me. :grinning: