Anyone want to make a collab art account with me?

So, I have been thinking. I want to use my main account more for coding, because that's really what Hopscotch is all about.
So, if you guys want to make an account with me, I guess here are some rules and requirements.

1) You have to work hard on all of your projects, and try hard at art. that means no spamming the account with remixes and doodles. It would also be nice if we could collab on an art pad :)?**
2)Your main account must be very clean: Only occasional roleplaying and remixing games and stuff is permitted, but only because it would be easier that way to keep the account decluttered.
3) Art doesn't have to be that good, but at least decent
4) And please no ■■■■■■■■ other people in the account.

U: Scribbling Artists
P: forumcollab123


FYI, the last time someone had the username and password openly displayed for a forum only collab, it ended badly.

WaddlingJuiceBox by @Snoopy