Anyone want to help with my game



Ok Guys the v2 is up and running so go check it out and and like and remix it it is my first game so I hope it is good plz leave comments on it and things that we'll make it better

As always BaconStudios


Can you show me the picture of the coding please!



Welcome to the forum!

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Welcome to the forum! :D
You first should make a value with this code!
When (lose value) = 0
Wait 997 seconds
Increase Value (Seconds) by 1

Blocks take a few milliseconds to do stuff, so I put 997 milliseconds instead of 1000!

Then, you should have an object to:
When (lose value) = 1
Set Text to (Seconds)!
So it doesn't show up when you're still playing!

For modes, you should make obstacles faster with difficulties! When it's a certain difficulty, set the obstacles' speed to something different!