Anyone want to do an art collab?



WaddlingJuiceBox was kinda fun, until it got hacked know, banned, I guess, because I can't log in. And now I miss doing a collab account. It was super fun, though, so I wanted to make a new one! Does anyone want to make a new collab with me? (And I will try make this one private)

I will give some credit to @Snoopy because she inspired me to do this!

Add yourself here!


Well, you are good at art....

I can join :D


yayyyyyyyyyyy. :smiley: thank you @EnchantedHopscotcher!


I want to join :D!


I'm only gonna accept a few people... so ya :smiley: thanks @CatWithABrush!


Oh oh oh pick me pick me.......basicly i want to be in the collab.


Sure @Mothwolf! :smiley: you can join


(This is just for 20 caricters)


Yeah, lot of people in=more problems...


I agre to many and it becomes a problem


Or a big account, made by someone very famous... People get jealous about it.


So, it okay if i ask for ye emails to send the password? Or is it banned from here....


No, I don't think so. Maybe just post it here (in a </>) and then delete it.


Make a google docs them ad us we can give you those so are email dose not get spamed


It wiuld be fair enough if Iet you guys decide

  • GlisteningDiamond
  • SoaringBalloon
  • SizzlingLemonade
  • SparkingSodaPOP
  • CasualMint
  • Other(say it here)

(Poll dosent work)



Oh, great.lemme edit


CasualMint! :D


Sort of sounds risky....but I can try


Well, I did it once and nobody hacked the account.


You're not making any sense.