Anyone want to create a Hopscotch account with me?

This is Ginny Potter, and does anyone want to create a collab account with me? I kind of need help with coding....


Fake you're not Ginny potter Ginny potter isn't even real

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Wat happened to the wizardy XD

I'm not the character but that's my name on Hopscotch

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Ooh I know who you are we're friend s

What's your hopscotch name?

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Hello there, and welcome to the forum!

If you need any help, tag me @HappyDolphin!

Here are some interesting topics that you might be interested in!

Here are the ranks!

@trust_level_0: The starting level for everyone!
@trust_level_1: You can get this easily!
@trust_level_2: Member! Be active for a few weeks and you can get this. You get some more features and some more likes.
@trust_level_3: Regular! This is very tough! You need to be on for 50 days within a 100 day timeframe, and read 20k posts! You also need to not be suspended for a certain amount of time, and not have too many flags!
@trust_level_4: Only the Hopscotch Team can have this at the time. :slight_smile:

Always remember to ask for help when you need it, and have fun!

Oh, also, here are the community guidelines, the rules of the forum!

See you around!


Potter Productions

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Ok just to double check can you go on your Hopscotch account and post a project saying your username on the hopscotch forum

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I'll show a screenshot one sec

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Ok thanks for showing me

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Soooo... Does anyone want to do an account with me?

Welcome to the forum!

There are lots of fun things to do on here! To check out the latest conversations, click the latest tab!

Things to remember!

Always be nice - no one likes being treated badly! Treat people the way you would wanna be treated!

Don't start flamewars - This one's obvious, but don't start flamewars. Flamewars are basically HUGE arguments in topics!

Don't tag too much - people don't really like it when their constantly tagged! You can tag people every once in a while, but not every post! :wink:

Ask for help when you need it - Don't keep wondering if your program will stink! Ask for help!

The trust levels!

@trust_level_0 - The starting level for everyone.

@trust_level_1 - This one you will get quick, it gives you basic features for everything!

@trust_level_2 - Not much of a difference, but a couple new features!

@trust_level_3 - WOAH! This ones a toughy! You need to be on for 50 days within a 100 day timeframe, and read 20k posts, but this proves your a real hopscotchers

@trust_level_4 - no one can get this right now.

P.S. you can tag me any time!


Welcome to the forum! :D

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Wait, is Cash actually Potter Productions? She gave me proof that she was but talks differently on here.

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Of course I'm potter Productions I just let my immaturity out here sometime soon