Anyone want to collab?



Then just answer these questions

Username on hopscotch:
Best project:
Why you like coding:
Your idols:


Phase Studios® Or ©
Angry Birds
Coding is cool thing and I just love it!
I don't really have an Idol.


That's great! @Phase_Studios I will check it out and reply shortly!


I am in the middle of another collaboration with @TromaxTheDestroyer and @Wow_woman, if you would want to join you can, but if you don't we could do a collaboration later. What Time Zone are you in, I am in the Eastern Time Zone in U.S.A.


Sorry @Phase_Studios but there's two usernames one with a: © and one with a ®


Well, I will get back to my hometown on Thursday, which is in London! So yeah quite a lot of time apart @Phase_Studios


They are both my accounts, my Phase Studios© is my secondary one.


Ok so which one are u gonna collab on? @Phase_Studios


My Phase Studios© one because it is all clear in the drafts.


What do you want to make?


Ok will check out your account, check out my one @trendygirl @Phase_Studios


Checked your account, so I would start making on the weekend? I really don't know? A rocket ship game?


Ha sure, we can have levels.


Sure! We should use arrows or a joystick to avoid ALIENS!! Ok guys who are reading this DO NIT STEAL


Change the name to something that tells to only that us only we can do it. But @t1_hopscotch and the Hopscotch team can come in.


Ok! That's great will add a new topic will tag you


No one should steal your idea. But everything on the forum is available for everyone so that everyone can get ideas :smiley: If someone does get inspired for a project by your idea, they should give credit.

Sounds like it's gonna be a great project!