Anyone want to collab on project (9 hopscotchers and 2 people who work at hopscotch)



I need help on this project, and I need help to make a game where you are a guy and you have 5 minutes to get out of 3 rooms. Anyone in this?
1.At least 20 projects.
2.1 project on trending.
3. Anyone who has made an escape room
I am only accepting the first 10 hopscotchers and 2 people who work at Hopscotch.

Anyone want to collaborate on project

You have two topics for this could you please keep it all on one topic? so as not to clutter up the forum! This is for next time you make a topic as you can't delete a topic


I can help. I have at least 20 projects and a project on trending and I have made an escape room.


Do you have a project on Trending


You're in the group, try to get the word out


Careful if you are making a new account! The hacker might hack it!


It's been a while since there was hacking. The hacker hack sometimes where there is a collab account sometimes.


There was just a hack right now! It was with the people making monopoly


Yeah I know. I saw.


Yes, I was one of the ones making monopoly. That's why I warned.