Anyone Want To Check Out Me in Hopscotch?



Hi hi! My name on Hopscotch is: VanillaOwl:yellow_heart:. I am a a half wolf half human girl. I will not get in details on how this is possible but. I do have ears on my head but I keep them covered. Anyway, if you want to check me out go right ahead! Arwoo! Letting you know my projects are not the best. Try typing with paws sometimes! Hehe, we'll go check me out, follow me, or even like my projects whatever you want! Bye now!:wolf::blush:


Welcome to the Hopscotch forums! @VanillaOwl


Welcome. If you have any questions just ask the forum. This place is for the use of hopscotch ONLY! And that's it hope you enjoy the forum


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I know. It was just see tips. Saying to only use it for Hopscotch use.


Fuzzy White Cat With Brown and Black Blotches(Splatters)


How? How were you born? Through a human or a wolf? How were you raised? How do you own an iPad? How did you learn English? How did you learn everything else? :expressionless:


I think she was joking. There is no such thing, I think.


She sounded serious, and I absolutely HATED the mermaid incident! :angry:


Me too. I think others on hopscotch try to make themselves sound cool and way more unique than they are.


Yeah. I would like, but I caught the virus, so here :heart:


still haven't ran out of likes yet, ever.. I guess I'm too picky?


I have only ran out once. But anyway let's get be on topic.


Welcome to forum! Glad your here


I hope that is a joke.


what is?


"liar... give proof... adds tag" I hope that is a joke


NOT A JOKE. seriously. give proof that wolf-humans exist.


OOOOOH I see what you mean!


What about seawolfwerehorse, broken down into seahorse and werewolf, why would that be her name if it wasn't Real???????