Anyone want to be my coding partner?(coding partner found)


Hi i want a coding partner. If you want to be my coding partner please put your hopscotch user name down so i can check out your acount.


Sure! I will. My hopscotch name is Koala Krazy.


Off topic sorry!

Do you do track? There was a meet with our schools yesterday :stuck_out_tongue: Not sure who won. But I was in the relays and I'm so sore

On topic: I already have a coding partner, sorry! But anyone would be lucky to be yours!


Me? Do I do track? No, but I should've. My friends do it. I'm bubblegumpopstar11's new coding buddy. :blush:


No i dont sorry but i could go to the next one?!


Hello, my new coding buddy


So i guess your my new coding partner!?:hugging::hugging::hugging::hugging::hugging::hugging:


Yep :smile: :blush: yay!
Together we shall have fun


Ya soooo........ What should we do now?


Can I join? Maybe have 2 partners!


I want a coding partner but I guess I'll never have one I made a sign up page on hopscotch and no reply so made it a week or two ago​:cold_sweat:


Sorry I just woke up

Hey bubblegumpopstar11! Maybe we could work on a really cool game that might get us into trending or featured! :blush:


Ya that would be amazing!!!(just woke up)


My user name on hopscotch is bubblegumPOP​:star:️


I mest up sorry its bubblegumPOPstar​:star:️



We could start a project on Friday afternoon maybe


Do you want to make like an coding partner acount ????


Yeah! Maybe we could do that!


I will do it


How will you do it though