Anyone want to be Coding Partner?



Hi it's @CrystalPanda here! I'm NanaEnakei on hopscotch. I have been getting a bit lonely on hopscotch and I need some help with code! I need a coding partner which can do sin and cos, good at leave a trail and values, has been on since 2015. Experienced been on trending or featured ( does not apply)
Thank you! Please apply! Oh and you need to follow me...


I can't do sin and cos~~~~~
OR art~~~~~
I apologise for the tone :stuck_out_tongue:


Ya sure we know cross and sin, good with leave a trial, and expert in values!


I would like to join, but what is ur hopscotch username?????? I need to I know. I'm lonely too


It's says so on the first post


Can I be your coding partner? I meet all of the requirements expect for been on Trending or Featured.


Great! Of course @Phase_Admin! I'll just wait until more people apply to confirm it!


Can we please do it????


Hmmm okay @LinemStudio and @Phase_Admin will be might be my 2 coding partners.. Just wait and see....


Can I do it? I meet all your requirements excalt for sin and cos. I'm learning it, though!


Maybe me because I go on hopscotch A LOT! Lately I haven't been posting 5 projects a day because I have this HUGE PROJECT so maybe me? I just discovered how to use sin and cos, you are not supposed to put sin and cos in the move forward block but the set position!


Of course you don't put it in the move foward Pos! VB, did u see LazyLizard's role models? U will be suprised. Anyway, I should GBOT!