Anyone want their own logo?


I'm making logos in hopscotch. If u want one, tell me ur username, and things that describe it. Here is mine.
Purple artist :art: logo
Here is a pic for lazy people


Wow. Good job. I have some advice, it may ruin it for you or make it better. Idk. I recommend making the 'p' not go back so far. This can be achieved easily using set position.


Yeah, but I wanted it to be the way it is for a reason. I don't really remember why right though. IDK, but thx for the advice!


You're welcome. If you ever need more, just ask me. :smiley:


Ok I would like a logo. My user is Summarian Studios and the Summarians were an ancient civilization that invented writing and reading, they were somewhere in the Middle East, but I don't remember off the top of my head. Summarian is also my nickname in real life. I don't really care what the logo looks like, but make it Ancient Summarian based.


What color (if u care)?


Um, blues and greens I suppose.


Alright @SummarianStudios , I finished it. Here is a link
SummarianStudio's logo




What do u want? I'm sorry I just don't understand


Can you do mine? I want a logo because Evey good hopscotcher has a logo. Can you please make me one


Alright. What is your hopscotch username?


HotShot37 sorry if I am being to demanding


Omg! I want one! So cool! Where do I sign up?!


Here, just tell me ur hopscotch username. And things u like or things about the username


What do u want it to have? Trail art username?


Yeah! My user is AJCode. And can u add the color pink a lot?


Sure I can! I can add any colors u want!


Ok! Just finished @AJCode
Here: AJCoder's logo


I love it! The only thing is, my user is AJCode, not AJCoder. But I'll fix that!