Anyone want me to feature their projects on YT?


I have a YT account, as in a hopscotch one, and I'm just wanting to feature some projects. Anyone want me to show your projects?
HS Username:
Project name and link:
Short description about project:




HS Username: Disney'sBiggestFan
Project name and link: Derp Pad, and
Short description about project:
Derp Pad: A drawing pad where you can decorate a ball to make it derpy! is a little trippy, but it's a spinoff of other .io games. You collect falling snowflakes (it's glitchy).


What's YT?


YouTube :wink::grin:


HS Username: Kitkat26​:joy::purple_heart:
Project name and link: Bird's Eye View of a Bedroom

Short description about project: This is a birds eye view of a bedroom, and my best project ever.

Tag me if you decide to feature mine in a video, and when the video comes out.


HS Username: AwesomeJediE
Project name and link: Galactic Parkour
Short description about project: You play as Robo, and you avoid falling into lava by jumping from platform to platform. Can you beat my high score?
Other notes:
TDIRMootato and I will be competing to see who can get the highest score on my game. We will post a video of us playing it on our channels and see who wins. Would you like to join us?



Would 'ja like to see working fps meters? Here's two projects i made:

FPS Meter Test! -
Lag Machine -
Both are tests to test an FPS meter I made.

I'm also working on RainART 3.0, but that's not complete yet.


Umm.... @Madi_Hopscotch_, am I allowed to make a video of your project The Magic Color Box? It's my fave project, and i want to feature it. It's okay if you don't want me to.


Thank you so much!! Yes, you can any of my projects in your video! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I know this is old, but my project is good.


Project Link:
I decided I should make an art pad because usually there really cool