Anyone want chat about HOPSCOTCH?



Anyone can only chat about Hopscotch in this Topic!!!!! Like how much fun Hopscotch is!


I like how Hopscotch allows us to experiment with code really easily and makes it fun for beginners to learn how to code :smiley:


Same, it is really fun!


I love to make games in Hopscotch! It is so fun. I am thinking about making a game that is a game in an app right now! Great topic!


Catface4, please try not to revive old topics unless they're really helpful (as in we'd use it a lot today).


Revive >:3

sorry someone was reviving old topics and it reminded me of this XD


Was it meeee? :0000000 XD XD XD


Plz don't revive this topic. I am not on Hopscotch right now.